About me

Welcome to invulns.nl! My name’s Jochem, I’m a student working on my master in Computing Science. I’m interested in various Computer Science related things, such as programming languages, interpreters and compilers. I like learning new languages and creating small things with them.

In addition to that I’m interested in the societal impact of software systems and how we can make sure our work actually has a positive impact on the world. On this front I’m interested in the free and open source software movement, which helps ensure that users retain control over their own software and devices.

Besides computer-related things I also like taking photos, occasionally creating ASCII art and various other things.

Online profiles

I often use jchmrt as a nickname on other sites, here’s an incomplete list of some of my other public profiles:

What’s invulns?

It’s short for invulnerabilities, which are the opposite of vulnerabilities, so it’s quite a positive name :) In the header of this page you can see a fun ASCIInimation I made of some invulnerabilities running and surviving everything that’s thrown at them.